For fun : HE IPv6 Sage certified :)

IPv6 Certification Badge for clucas

I am looking forward my Sage T-Shirt to travel through my home :)

To supply my lab studies…

I am doing lot of lab to study for my lab. This will help me. Welcome in my library little books :)


We are #CharlieHebdo


Happy new year 2015 !

happy new year 2015

I wish you all the best for this new year ! I wish you lot of bandwidth, O% packet loss, low latency and good CCIE studies :)

Tips about ASR9K interfaces

I don’t know if it can be useful for someone, but I share :

To know about optic budget :

More to see on the right…

Stats and more specifics errors :

If you read it carefully you must have seen that my link have some problems… Which ones ?

I will probably write another article to talk only about NP, FIA, …

jquery – jqgrid : Custom delete handler

It may possible you are face off the problem to synchronize some other items in your GUI when you delete a row in your jqgrid.

You can use this tip to do it :

The great thing is that you are able to make some data / gui treatment. Here I make a data update by means of a jquery ajax call and update jqgrids by means of two trigger(“reloadGrid”) calls.

Hope this can help

bwping debian package

Dear readers,

If this can help, please find enclosed a Debian package for the network tool bwping : bwping_1.7-1_i386.deb

Have fun :)

Etherate : the beginning of an Open Aurora Tango test (L2 tester)…

For those of you which perform some Aurora Tango tests (BERT, RFC 2544) you may know that a couple of these testers are really expensive ! The principle of these test is to place a tester in loopback and another is test mode. By means of this, you are able to qualify an Ethernet link (direct, Q-in-Q, VPLS, Xconnect).

During my readings of mailing-lists such as cisco-nsp or others, someone posts an URL to a really awesome Linux program : etherate. With modern CPU platform you are able to supply a throughput until 1G, and this program give you the possibility to test your L2 circuits.

You can do some tests by using it such as :


And :

To give some features :

I really hope and try to help so that this project goes to his end. It could be really great to have L2 tests as this one as we have with bwping and iperf on L3/L4 layer of OSI model.

GNS3 1.0 is out …

No more to say :

xBSD : new releases are in the place.

For those of you which follow BSD branches :

Have fun with this great software :)