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Ok. If you have read my last post, you could say : "Ok, but when do you begin for real ?!"

I have beginning by working on a study plan. When the ennemy is hard as can be CCIE, you must have a plan to beat it. This is what I have now. I think I will update it during the journey toward my objective, but I think it is a right roadmap. For me, it is a TODO List and something which remind/force me to go on...

I don't know if it is really good, but you can read it here. Hope to have your feedback...

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#1  - Roger @ CCIE Blog said :


Dedication is key to the CCIE Lab!

You can check out some of my CCIE Study tips here


#2  - clucas said :


Thank you Roger for this really interesting post :) I haven't think my study plan in this way, but I will do it and update my CCIE journey/study plan post.

Best regards,

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